Bespoke Trauma Kitting Service

Did you know that here at SP Services we have a very busy bespoke first aid and medical kitting service, complete with assembly and production line?

We pride ourselves on offering a unique Bespoke First Aid and Medical Kitting Service and we specialise in the design, assembly and fulfilment of complex multi-item projects from small personal belt pouches with basic first aid items to a range of fully kitted advanced trauma kits including a defibrillator (AED). Our customers’ needs are extremely important to us and that is why our bespoke first aid and medical kitting service is one area that particularly appeals to a lot of our customers.

No project is too big or small for our experienced team at SP Services!

With over 31 years’ experience in this field and a careful monitoring process we ensure both accuracy and speed of response. This is an ideal service to support your emergency, medical and first aid needs where bespoke first aid and medical kits are required. Our operations are equipped to support a tailored service to best suit your specialised bespoke kitting needs and the level of support and guidance you require. It will include all of the key touch points of the project inclusive of bag/kit design (style, size and colour), assembly, supplier co-ordination, component sourcing, packaging/fulfilment options, inspection, quality control and distribution.

To maximise the benefits gained from our bespoke first aid and medical kitting service our experienced in-house product and design team will work with you to produce a kit tailored and delivered to meet your exact needs. We can also share with you best practice from other customers as well as our extensive experience working with the NHS and the military.

Correct trauma kits are a necessity in remote areas and that is why all of SP Services Bespoke Trauma Kits are made using high quality supplies, equipment, bags and cases.

Our aim is to meet your requirements for medical and survival kits with dependable products, from personal and individual trauma kits to advanced tactical combat care packs. We provide reliable products for the treatment of casualties in complex or challenging environments in order to reduce pre-hospital mortality. Our goal is to ensure the product is relevant to the application so we take our time to understand the nature of wounds and injuries that may be encountered and making sure the products are suitable and practical for the medic or responder to use.

Our Parabag range of bags is rapidly growing and as well as the extensive range of bags we keep in stock at SP Services, we also have the capability and experience to modify one of our existing bag designs or create your own brand-new unique design.

Due to the nature of our unique offering if you have a specific requirement and you would like to discuss in more detail how we can work with you to design and create your bespoke trauma kit please email or call 01952 288 999.

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